Many Tasks in a Home Studio

Did you build your studio because you are a musician, a producer, an engineer or something else?

Nowadays most music studio owners have many different tasks. Most likely you are writing, performing, and producing your projects totally from beginning to end. Because of the economical computer-based recording systems, the majority of artists are getting into recording.
To have complete creative control over everything is great, right? You don’t have to struggle with an engineer who might overmix  things. You really have total control over the result.
But being an excellent songwriter doesn’t mean knowing how you can engineer. Maybe you really do know both, or maybe you have a circle of music lovers, which you discuss your tracks with, in the different phases of the creation.
proaudio Whenever you get criticisms there’s a chance you’re immune to them. If a person claims to shorten a section, or possibly go directly to the bridge you may resist them. It’s your baby, right?  But that external view can lead to a greater track So take their ideas into consideration.
The same occurs in production stage. A great technician will advise you where your track is incomplete and may recommend methods to improve it. An engineer will certainly concentrate on getting the track captured in the absolute best way. He’s focusing on the ideal sound, not the recording strategy you believe you need.
Are you a songwriter you might not always centered on obtaining the very best recording. Often, you are more interested in just getting your idea out instantly. You might get the mic you have used often before, place it in the exact same location as often before, after which you press record. And then the recording may sound just like it has often done before.
This could be ok, however an engineer would spend some time and very carefully position the mics, try several angles, heights, and also try various microphones, various preamps, in different mixtures.

It’s all too easy to overlook this however sometimes you must focus only on the song itself. Forget about the production and look at the lyrics, arrangement, and instrumentation. Work as fast as you can and get the recordings down fast and dirty. Although it’s not a bad idea to get a low quality track as a starting point, it’s an extremely terrible concept to use it as your final recording. When the arrangement is done you must make a re-recording and give full attention to recording quality.
At last, you must look at your creation from a  producer’s perspective. How will your audience receive your creation? You might think that a 6 minute song with a static track is pure gold, but many listeners will turn it off after just 50 seconds. Most hit songs have significant changes every 17 seconds. While there can be exceptions, that number is pretty much correct in most cases. You don’t need to make music for the radio all the time, but try to upload your songs to a pro audio forum , and get some feedback from an audience before you publish it. It could very well inspire a better song.The keyword here is inspire. You always need to stay true to yourself, but remember that a song  that appear creative and honest to you personally, might seem boring to others.
The  solution of the dilemma is to schedule some time for each tasks. If you have decided to be an engineer for 3 hours, you should use every minute of these 3 hours to tweak and edit your sound quality. Don’t think about the lyrics or the length of each sections, but act only as an engineer for these 3 hours.
If you focus on the different tasks one by one, then just perhaps, you’ll create that sensational track which is a fantastic song, recorded beautifully, which everybody would like to listen to.
It is interesting to see that different HD music stores are able to offer HD audio to consumers. These music stores usually do not have a higher sample rate than 192 kHz, but some sites offer music at sample rates up to DSD and DXD.
It take about an hour to download an entire album in DXD, but with the development of Internet speed will in a few years only take 10-20 minutes, which would mean that MP3 is no longer interesting. It is important to take this into account when planning what equipment you expect to buy for your music studio.

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